We're on a mission to redefine the standard of what women deserve, with supplements that have been carefully formulated to address the unique needs of women. 
We want you to feel your best at every phase of your life!

Dr. Michelle Hone

BSc, PhD


Dr Michelle Hone has dedicated her professional career to helping women understand the unique intricacies of their hormonal make-up and finding solutions where the wider social narrative traditionally placed limitations.

Specialising in nutrition science throughout her PhD in nutrition from Dublin City University, Michelle funnelled her knowledge, desire and personal experiences into founding The Fit Clinic in 2015. Together with a team of dedicated nutritionists, this portal has provided functional solutions to women who have suffered or met dead-ends in their hormonal & fertility journeys.

Michelle has worked with countless women across the spectrum of hormonal complications - from PCOS to Menopause - and witnessed the transformative power and joy that can be found when women find freedom from hormonal issues that have impacted their ability to fully live their lives.  

Herology is the culmination of this passion to provide meaningful and practical help to women, by offering evidence-led formulations that are made with strict integrity and quality ingredients 

DR. Sarah Kelly

BSc, MSc, PhD


Dr Sarah Kelly, a clinical exercise physiologist and former Asst. Prof. at DCU (Health & Human Performance), has spent 20+ years immersed in the field of emerging health research. Putting this research into action and spreading knowledge to a wider audience has been the driving force throughout her career.

As CEO & co-founder of Irish health drinks company, Circle of Light, she worked with many experts in speciality fields and became keenly aware of how taboo many women's health issues still are today. She is passionate about empowering women with accurate and reliable information, that is always grounded in science, so they can make conscious choices towards a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Professional Testimonials

Huge congratulations to Sarah and Michelle on compiling these wonderful products, by women, for women. Herology have seized the opportunity to support women in the various stages of their journey by introducing these amazing products to the market.

KATHLEEN WARD - Herbalist & Naturopath

I have known and worked with Michelle and Sarah for over a decade, and witnessed their excellence in science and practice firsthand. With their experience, expertise and credibility, you can place trust in the fact that you are buying the best of what is available on the market.

DR BRENDAN EGAN - Associate Professor of Sport & Ex Physiology. BSc, MSc, PhD, PDip

These products are right up my street and are exactly the formula of supplements I recommend to my clients. The blend of ingredients in each supplement helps to support a healthy nervous system, hormonal balance and maintain energy levels. These supplements will undoubtedly be a great addition for women's hormonal health.

MARY-JO MAGUIRE - PCOS Nutritionist. BSc, MSc, DipNT

It's wonderful to see such a well thought out, planned and fit for purpose women's health product range. Herology Meno has such a valuable blend of ingredients and should help many women to support their journey.

ADELE JOHNSTON - Menopause Expert & Nutritionist. BA, Dip

I am really excited about Herology because of their focus on using evidence-based ingredients in their products. Dr. Sarah and Dr. Michelle are health scientists with core principles of honesty and integrity. Their new product range has been long-awaited and they are forging their own unique path as trailblazers in the female supplement space.

PROF. NIALL MOYNA - Professor of Clinical Exercise

I'm really excited about these products coming to market, they literally contains everything I would usually recommend to my clients from multiple supplements, but in one sachet. They covers so much, ranging from nervous system and mood support to increased energy - all focusing on helping women to feel their absolute best.

NIAMH BURKE - Female Health Nutritional Therapist